Start of Activity: 1891, Austria (130 Years Experience)

Producer of Refractory Material in 8 Facilities in Europe and the US

The headquarter office is in Austria and they are producing their products in 3 factories in Germany, 1 factory in Austria, 1 factory in Hungary and 3 factories in the United States.


Range of Products:

High Alumina Refractory Material with Working Temperature up to 1850° C (Dense Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Refractory Castable, Refractory and Insulating Fibers, Precast Refractories and Pre shaped Fibers)

Tailor made Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Activities upon the Customer’s Request


Steel Industries Especially Direct Reduction and Pelletizing Plants, Cement Industries, Glass Industry, Ceramic Manufacturing Factories, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Aluminum and non Ferrous Metals Industries



              shaft furnace with hot blast circulating duct